Friends 14, do you remember the love story between Virginia Tamarchio and Cristian Lo Presti? It ended badly

Virginia Tamarchio and Cristian Lo Presti participated in the fourteenth edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi. Are they still engaged?

The two participated together in the fourteenth edition of Amici and in addition to being appreciated by the public for their talent, their relationship that created so much havoc in the program did not go unnoticed. Cristian enters the school, followed by his girlfriend Virginia. After some time Veronica Peparini decided to let the girl in claiming that she had a lot of potential to work on. She is actually the sister of the artistic director Giuliano, she was not entirely wrong as she, Virginia, won the dance circuit against all odds. At the final she had clashed with the feared dancer Klaudia Pepa who had obtained a lot of acclaim until the final.

Virginia Tamarchio and Cristian Lo Presti. The tormented story inside the Amici school

Once Cristian left the program he clarified everything we had seen within the program. Many had suspected that Virginia had cheated on her boyfriend with another competitor of the program, the singer Gabriele Tufi. In fact, it seems that the two met during the casting and that they exchanged phone numbers. Virginia confused about her feelings had asked Cristian for a break when he entered the program. When she entered Virginia she confessed that she had never stopped writing with the singer. Cristian was so furious that in order to get away from the girl he had even thought of dropping out of school. He then decided to focus on his talent and not leave room for these events.

Before any performances during the evening, RVMs were sent out regarding the boys. Their love story involved the public so much that, once eliminated, the production decided to have the boys meet again. Cristian had stated that Virginia had brought her trust to zero but she described herself as a person willing to forgive. Everyone expected that once Virginia and Cristian finished the program they could finally clear up and live out their love story. Unfortunately, however, they failed to reconnect and now of the tormented history that we have seen in the program, only a sweet memory remains.

Virginia had returned to Amici as a professional dancer and is happily engaged to another professional, Amilcar Gonzalez who is 16 years older than the dancer. The two live in Germany and continue to dance together. Cristian instead returned to friends last year as assistant to the new artistic director St├ęphane Janry and is engaged to the dancer Yousra Mohsen.

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