Friends, Andreas Muller against former dancers: “Ungrateful and disrespectful”


New outburst of the former winner of Maria De Filippi’s talent show, happily engaged to the choreographer Veronica Peparini

Andreas Muller outspoken. The former dancer of Friends, winner of the 2017 edition, he is not new to outbursts on social networks, where he is very popular. Recently the boyfriend of Veronica Peparini – choreographer and now former dance teacher of Maria De Filippi’s talent show – pointed the finger at some colleagues and former participants of the Canale 5 program.

Andreas Muller spoke freely in his Instagram stories, asking precise and direct questions:

“Can I ask you a question, world of dance? And I appeal to dancers, former talent contestants and directors / directors of various schools. But every time you physically carry around choreographies that are not yours or simply repost on social networks constantly throughout the year choreographies that are not yours or your best friends why do you not mention / tag who is that work with which you advertise or do you go there to earn money around? “

Andreas Muller he then concluded:

“It’s not to make controversy, I just want to understand what drives your ego to act like this and maybe have an explanation of why it happens, as well as being ungrateful and disrespectful. Thank you”

The dancer preferred don’t mention namesat least for the moment: to whom will it be directed?

Veronica Peparini’s farewell to Amici

Lately Veronica Peparini announced his farewell to Friends. The reasons for this choice are unknown, after so many years of honorable service, but Andreas Muller’s girlfriend said she was still grateful for the years she spent behind the teacher’s chair.

There sister of Giuliano Peparini he explained that working in Maria De Filippi’s program was very important for her private and professional growth. Veronica has learned to approach boys in a different way, she has worked on many choreographies and then thanks to her format, love for Andreas Muller was born.

A love that immediately attracted a lot of criticism due to the age difference – Veronica Peparini is older than her partner Friends of well 25 years old – but the relationship between the two has been going well for some time with a well-established coexistence.

Amici 22: who will be there in the new edition

Even if no official announcements have been made in this regard, day after day new rumors emerge on the composition of the teaching staff of the next edition. For a Peparini who leaves there will be a Emanuel Lo that enters.

For the rest, they would remain highly confirmed for dance Raimondo Todaro And Alessandra Celentano. News also from the singing side: it seems that Anna Pettinelli is already out of the game, while it will remain Rudy Zerbi accompanied by Cuccarini herself and probably by Arisa And Michele Bravi.

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