Friends, do you remember Flaza and his quarrel with Maria De Filippi? Here is what happened to it

Have you wondered what happened to Flaza? The competitor of the latest edition of Friends of Maria de Filippi who was disqualified for a serious gesture towards the presenter? Here’s what she does today and how she became her.

The latest edition of Friends of Maria de Filippi was won by the singer Luigi Strangis, author of hits such as Round And Keep me tonight. We saw it this summer around in the main singing evenings that animated the television schedules and parties of the major Italian squares. His victory was immediately obvious to everyone when in the famous talent of Canale 5, he distinguished himself for his strong personality and his sometimes out of line look. His history and his humility then made it possible for him to climb to victory.

Many of his comrades have supported and supported him: Alex, LDA and Albe are just some of them who continue to support him on social media and attend him even outside of the broadcast. A particular outcry was caused by the reaction of one of his former companions who clearly showed her indignation for the triumph of Strangis and who was disqualified for a series of attitudes that made Maria di Filippi lose patience. This is Flaza, led by Lorella Cuccarini at the beginning of the program. So let’s see what she did to get expelled and what she does today.

What happened to Flaza today?

Flaza was disqualified by Lorella Cuccarini after a series of attitudes that more than once were reproached. She is a singer with pop and contemporary sounds, she made people argue about her superficial behavior during lessons and at home with her classmates. In addition to showing up very late compared to the beginning of the sessions with her teachers, she fell asleep or used rude and out of place tones towards the professors. In the apartment of Cinecittà moreover, he always refused to do his cleaning shifts and contributed to the poor hygiene and order of the apartment. During an episode of the usual Sunday appointment, Maria de Filippi pointed out to the student how unfair and disrespectful she was towards all the staff and other competitors.

Lorella Cuccarini after more than one chance decided to say goodbye and put an end to her path. Flaza on Instagram was resented on the occasion of the end of the talent and the victory of Luigi Strangis. In fact, she published a story a few seconds after her proclamation with the emoj of a clown. But what does he do today after the unfortunate epilogue to Friends? She hasn’t changed physically at all and she continues to cultivate her passion for singing and music. Her profile has a very particular style as she shares all the images and related description captions in reverse. You have thus created an optical ‘upside down’ effect that characterizes the entire showcase.

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