Friends, new love for LDA: the shots appear together with the secret girl [FOTO]

The former student of Amici 21 LDA has been spotted in the company of his new flame, whose identity is not known at the moment.

Love breaks out for LDA, the former pupil of Amici di Maria De Filippi and son of Gigi D’Alessio. According to the latest rumors and what was published by Deianira Marzano, the rapper is dating a girl from Motta Visconti, and photos of the alleged couple are already circulating on the web.

From what we see it seems LDA appears serene and in love. In one of the photos he walks hand in hand with the girl and according to others the two were spotted in Sperlonga in August. For his part, LDA has chosen for now to keep the path of silence.

Perhaps LDA prefers to protect the privacy of the girl who does not belong to the world of entertainment, even if already some time ago he was unbalanced on a new flame, always maintaining strict confidentiality. And now the photos remove any doubt.

LDA is unbalanced and on the new girl declares …

LDA is in love. In recent days, the influencer Deianira Marzano has published some photos of the two on the duo’s Instagram profile and immediately remember the words of the rapper to the microphones of Tell me about yourself, the format of Lorella Cuccarini, her former teacher. On that occasion she declared: “For me to say in love is a big word. I am very interested in a person… ”.

LDA then defined his girlfriend: “He is a beautiful person. We are getting to know each other, it was love at first sight “, not further exaggerating on his identity. A few months later the relationship would seem consolidated even if LDA still prefers not to reveal the girl’s identity.

The love past of LDA

The Neapolitan rapper was on the stage of the Pizza Village in Naples and a detail had not escaped the eyes of the most attentive. Among the spectators there was in fact the ex-girlfriend Emanuela, who during the performance had burst into tears, arousing the suspicions of those who glimpsed something more in tears.

It all happened while D’Alessio sang What does hurt, one of his most popular songs. Struck by his tears, many wondered what they meant. Not a flashback as told by Emmanuela but just a moment of emotion.

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