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The relationship between Totti and Noemi Bocchi is now out in the open, but for some it would not be the reason for the break between the former captain of Rome and the showgirl

What seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back, in the end, does not turn out to be so. Or rather, what the friends of Noemi Bocchi, Totti’s new flame, declare. It seemed that the triggering cause of the divorce between the former captain of Roma and the former tissue was her, the third wheel in a relationship that lasted twenty years. But now the declarations of the people closest to Totti’s new partner arrive: Noemi does not consider herself the cause of the breakup between Ilary and Totti and would like to come out with him, stop hiding, also because their relationship is not just a flirtation. , but something more important they told the weekly DiPi.

He teased him at the stadium

If things are getting serious for the floral designer, on the other hand the former Roma idol seems to want to wait for the definitive separation before formalizing the relationship. In reality it would not seem to be too long, given that the most famous former couple in Italy he would have already scheduled the separation meeting in court. Meanwhile, on the pitch there are references to the couple’s betrayals, in this case football. During the Roma-Lazio match, played last Thursday, the biancoceleste fans displayed a banner on which one could read: Welcome back home Ilary. In fact, it seems that the ex-wife of the Roma captain was from Lazio before the wedding. Later she never got unbalanced, but now that the paths of the player and the showgirl are separated definitively, who knows which shirt she will wear.

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