from 13 on arrival Hurricanes ready to impact Italy

For the first time, the September weather forecast announces something sensational. Hurricanes could also come to us.

The announcement comes to us from the site, a known platform practically everyone who deals with publishing the weather forecast.

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Even if the forecastsphysiologically, they may not be al 100% reliable, in the last few years technology has made it possible to obtain highly verifiable information. The sites that publish the forecasts rely on the parameters and data produced by reliable weather centers. Such as theECMWF (European Center for Medium-Term Weather Forecasts) and, in this case, also the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) which is a center American.

The forecasts for the first 10 days of September are more or less normal. After a summer characterized by severe drought and exceptionally high temperatures, we will be faced with two manifestations. On the one hand, the African Anticyclone will ignite Italy again with its seventh wave. Its effects will be felt especially at the Central South and the islandswith scorching temperatures up to 35 degrees.

Another matter in the Northwhich already warns the scent of autumnbecause of the infiltration of cold air from the Atlantic. In fact they are expected widespread storms and rains, and a general drop in temperatures. To the 7-8 September phenomena could intensify, plunging half of Italy into autumnal weather much earlier than expected. But all eyes are on what could happen from 13 onwards.

September weather forecast, incredible news: from 13 hurricanes are coming ready to impact Italy

According to the calculation models, well two Cyclones may be of interest to the first Iberian Peninsula and then the United Kingdom. The force of the perturbation and the drop in pressure could trigger very violent gusts of wind with the same strength as hurricanes. Some countries, such as the Spain and the Portugal they could suffer a highly violent impact.

In Ireland, Scotland and England are provided gusts even up to 130 Km / h and very rough seas with waves up to 8 meters high.

According to the US weather center NOAAthe 13 September a Even Category 1 hurricane could impact Europe’s Atlantic coasts, e cause damage even in Italy. In our country “only” the marginal part of the cyclone would pour, but its effects could be very strong.

Yup prospectdue to the encounter with the still persistent high temperatures in Italy, violent storms and hailstorms, flash floods and consequent landslides and floods, as has unfortunately already happened in the past. In short, there is a risk of falling into the deepest autumn at any moment.

Obviously medium-long term forecasts I am always from “Take it with pliers”so we await the updates.

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