From Brazil to Suriname sailing in a freezer: a shipwrecked fisherman survives 11 days adrift

A Brazilian fisherman, Romualdo Macedo Rodrigues, spent eleven days adrift in a freezer, in the middle of the Atlantic, after his boat sank, according to the news portal Uol. The rescue was carried out by sailors who identified the floating device in the open ocean, already in Suriname. Weakened, the man remained under arrest for 16 days in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname, because he had no documents.

From Brazil to Suriname in a freezer: the video of the castaway fisherman who survived 11 days at sea

In an interview with TV Record’s ‘Domingo Espetacular’, the fisherman explained that he had the idea of ​​climbing into the freezer after seeing his boat begin to sink. The man had left the port of Oiapoque, in the Brazilian state of Amapà, to spend three days of fishing. His boat, however, had cracks and the water started to enter.

“I immediately began to dry, but the next day there was no way out and it sank,” explained the fisherman, who cannot swim. The only thing left for him was a freezer, and after testing whether the object floated, he decided to use it as a boat.

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