from Videla and Massera, the trial of the dictatorship-

from Stefania Ulivi

Santiago Miter’s film inspired by the true story of prosecutors Julio Strassera and Luis Moreno Ocampo, who in 1985 investigated and prosecuted the bloody military junta in power from 1976 to 1983

Nunca ms. Never again. With these words the prosecutor Julio Strassera closed his harangue at the trial against

the dictator Jorge Rafael Videlathe admiral Massera and the other poppies of the bloody military junta in power in Argentina from 1976 to 1983

leaving behind a trail of dead And disappeared which is still being investigated. A process of enormous historical significanceyet, not too much hinged in memory. Not even that of the Argentines, says the director Santiago Miter who, to combat oblivion, he wrote with Mariano Llins
Argentina, 1985
competing in Venice 79, welcomed in the hall with ovations.

I have precise memories of the day that formulated the indictment: the roar in court, the emotion of my parents, theidea of ​​justice as an act of healing. Back then there were a lot of people he knew and a lot of people he didn’t want to know. Today there is a risk of forget the overtime of that pm (played by Ricardo Darnextraordinary as already in El president), his young assistant Julio Moreno Occampo (Peter Lanzani) and their team of very young assistants that he succeeded, thanks to a meticulous work of collection of shocking evidence and testimonies, to condemn thelife sentence Videla and his people and to restore dignity to beyond 30 thousand victims. It was important, oblivion must give way to memory, those dead I am in the Argentine flagremind them of our duty.

Must not lower attention warns Miter. All the more so in the face of the news of
attack, failedto the vice president Cristina Kirchner
. Argentina in shock, we all are. We found out by flying in from Buenos Aires. Nobody thought it could happen, we thought from that nunca ms we would never go back.

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