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All the names of the 2022 edition of Milly Carlucci’s talent show (and there is no shortage of surprises!)

The names of the cast of the new edition of “Dancing with the Stars” have been announced, which will be broadcast on Rai 1 in prime time starting from Saturday 8 October. After a few weeks of rumors, the time has come to confirm the rumors. And in addition to some personalities now at home, there are also some new names. Will the contestants of this new edition be ready to face the dance floor and the judges? To observe each performance and to give their verdict we will find Selvaggia Lucarelli, Ivan Zazzaroni, Carolyn Smith, Guillermo Mariotto and Fabio Canino.

Lucarelli’s boyfriend, Zanicchi and Nino D’Angelo

This year’s curiosity concerns Selvaggia Lucarelli, who accepted the challenge of judging her boyfriend Lorenzo Biagiarelli, social chef and food blogger originally from Cremona. In Milly Carlucci’s talent show there will also be Iva Zanicchi, who returns to Rai after participating in Sanremo 2022. Among the novelties of “Dancing with the stars” is Nino d’Angelo, who participates in the program for the first time. A debut was that of the Neapolitan singer-songwriter famous for «’Nu jaeans e’ na shirt» and «Fotoromanzo». Fans are now wondering how well the singer knows dance and can’t wait to see him rehearse.

Gabriel Garko, Enrico Montesano and Pala Barale

And then one of the best known faces of Italian TV series returns to TV, Gabriel Garko, who had already participated in the program last year. Enrico Montesano is also on the list of competitors. The Roman actor has recently been at the center of numerous controversies for his no-vax positions and some phrases against Rai. They had already invited him to Ballando in 2018, but he had declined the invitation, an opportunity that instead he decided to take in this 2022. Then there will be Paola Barale. The show girl is now 55 years old and she is passionately dedicating herself to theater, an art that she will have to put aside a bit for dance.

Marta Flavi, Luisella Costamagna and Giampiero Mughini

Do not miss the name of the presenter Marta Flavi, also known for being the first wife of Maurizio Costanzo. Among the great news of this 2022 edition there is also space for Luisella Costamagna, journalist first of La7 and then of Sky, and then again of Rai, where she worked as host of Agorà. The list doesn’t end there. Present at the appeal Giampiero Mughini, journalist and columnist, regular guest at Stasera Italia on Rete4.

Rosanna Banfi, Alex di Giorgio, Ema Stokholma and Alessandro Egger

Also present was Rosanna Banfi, daughter of Lino, who embarked on the path of cinema as her father. Just last year the two had been guests of Milly Carlucci and were moved by talking about their family and especially Lucia Zagaria, her mother and wife. Sport also participates in “Dancing with the stars”, represented by Alex Di Giorgio, an Olympic athlete specialized in the 4×200 freestyle relay. In addition to swimming, he is also known for having participated in Big Brother. The world of radio does not hold back and among the names stands out that of Ema Stokholma, presenter of Rai Radio 2. And finally there will be Alessandro Egger, an Italian-Serbian model and actor particularly appreciated by Dolce & Gabbana.

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