Full Moon of Harvest: unmissable show tonight

Tonight, Saturday 10th September, all with their noses up to admire the splendid Full Moon of the Harvest. It is an unmissable sight visible today. At what time it will be necessary to check the sky above us so as not to miss the event? What we need to know on the Full Moon of the Harvest? Here is all the information useful for watching the show without missing any detail.

Tonight the Full Moon of Harvest 2022: here’s when to admire it

The Moon, or the satellite of the Earth, reached its actual fullness at 11.59, when in Italy it was still well beyond the horizon. To admire the Full Moon of the Harvest therefore, in our country, we will have to wait for it to appear among the 19.30 and 20.30. Only starting from this time slot will we be able to admire it, all night long, big and bright.

In reality it is good to point out that the time where to start seeing the show will be different from city to city. An example? The first to admire it will be the inhabitants of Bari who will see it rise around 19.37, then it will be the turn of the Neapolitans at 19.47 and subsequently, at 19.54, to the inhabitants of the capital.

In Florence it can be seen starting from 20.02, while in Milan only from 20.11 and finally in Turin from 20.17. The gaze must be turned between the constellation of Pisces and that of Aquarius.

What do we need to know about the Full Harvest Moon?

Leaving aside the fact that it is the last full moon of this summer and the closest to the autumn equinox, we can say that tonight’s full moon has taken on this name due to the Native American traditions who marked their seasons through the lunar calendar by associating the various phases of the Moon with a significant event for the life of the community, such as, for example, harvests. Yet despite this, the Full Moon of September is not just named after collection of some cerealsbut also by proximity at the autumn equinox.

The Harvest Moon is also called Corn Moonbecause this was one of the products of September that was harvested the most in this period and that could also be harvested throughout the night thanks to the splendid lighting given by the full moon.

Calendar of upcoming events: when does the full Moon return?

Here is when it will be possible there will still be the Full Moon this year:

  • October 9
  • November 8
  • December 8

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