“Full of bugs”, beware of this canned tuna: DO NOT put it on the table

Who doesn’t have at least one tin of tuna in the pantry? In Italy it is one of the favorite products of every family, according to a research 94% of the houses have canned tuna. But do you know that it could also be very dangerous for our health? Let’s find out more.

Canned tonna with insects – Bedquotidiano.it

According to research, canned tuna is brought to the table every week. Most families in Italy consume a lot of it, especially in the last year. When we do not want to prepare such an elaborate dish, he is there to save us lunch or dinner, in fact, he is super appreciated also for being so simple, tasty and cheap.

We’ve been talking lately about which one it was best tuna quality in value for money; but one thing is certain: he is the protagonist of every kitchen. But are you sure it is so good for our health? In reality, as with any product, the label should be checked. In some cases there may be substances that are not good for our body at all: let’s find out more.

What’s in a tin of tuna: the unpleasant surprise

Today we will tell you the story of Zoe Butler, a woman of British origins who, while opening a simple and “harmless” can of tuna, found a really unpleasant surprise.

Canned tuna
Canned tuna – Lettoquotidiano.it

In the box of tuna he had just bought he noticed that there was one strange creature blue-eyed living. The woman jumped from her chair and couldn’t believe what she was witnessing, in fact, after a scream, she ran to get the phone to take a picture of this little creature.

He shared the image on Twitter and it quickly went viral. Many people have posted the photo of her “scandalous” and a giant investigation and controversy has begun. Following some guesswork, Zoe found out what she could be. The woman, she understood that she was a small parasite, called Cymothoa exigua.

Canned tuna
Canned tuna – Lettoquotidiano.it

Beware of canned tuna

Cymothoa exigua is a parasite of some fish, which enters the mouth through the animal’s gills. Its job is to atrophy the tongue of the fish, in this way it is able to feed on the food ingested by the tuna.

But in Zoe Butler’s case it’s not about the Cymothoa exiguexperts verified that the tiny creature they found in canned tuna was a louse of a post-larva form of a small species of crab.

Thanks to the terrible experience of the woman, many people have learned to always check the label of any product before buying. In this way you will be able to evaluate the substances contained and the traces of some other component. It is very important to read the food directions.

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