Gas, even France is preparing for rationing: the announcement of the premier

Password austerity. After the warning issued today by the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyenwho put a guard on the 27 on the can 15% reduction in gas consumptionalso there France it does its part and warns companies to prepare for “electricity rationing”. To say it is the first minister Elisabeth Bornespeaking before the Congress of the Medef, the Confindustria d’Oltralpe. The premier asked all industries to prepare, in September, “a moderation plan», And announced a debrief at the beginning of October to “get to know the different scenarios” and consider “the risks of rationing“. “If we have to get to rationing – said Borne – companies would be the first to hit, and unfortunately we have to prepare ourselves”, he clarified. The risk of energy shortages next winter is real and for this reason the appeal to citizens is peremptory: “We have only one road, lower energy consumption. If we do not do it, if everyone does not play the part of him, there could be sudden interruptions in the supply of gas, from one day to the next, with serious economic and social consequences ». In recent days it had been there Germany driven by Olaf Scholz to announce one squeeze on consumption for the winter.

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