Gas, the EU Commission is working on the new package of proposals. Von der Leyen: “We will guarantee lower prices”

There European Commission will have to come up with new proposals to address the dear energy. Among these, the price cap, or the ceiling on the price of gas. This weekend the Commission will have to perfect the package of proposals who will be fired next Tuesday from the College of Commissioners in Strasbourg. There extraordinary meeting of the energy ministers of the 27 member states of the European Union in Brussels yesterday, 9 September, ended with one division between those who would like a generalized price control and who would like to limit it to the sun Russian supplies. The former include Italy, the Baltic countries, Belgium, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Sweden, Malta, Ireland and Romania. Among the latter, however, France and Denmark. Who has more doubts on the roof are Germany and Hollandas they said contrary Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. To take this type of measure, you need one double majority composed of at least 15 countries and that these represent the 65% of the population. “We continue to work on responses suitable for a global market,” writes the president of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen on Twitter, “the aim is to guarantee lower prices in Europe and security of supply”. Von der Leyen wanted to overcome yesterday’s flop on the price cap underlining the “general support” expressed by ministers for the legislative design.

The other measures

Not just gas. The president also lists the other points on which the work of these days will focus, such as “la demand reduction»Of energy which should be resolved with a 10% cut in electricity consumption. Then also «i contributions of the energy sector in support of vulnerable families and businesses “passing through a ceiling on the extra revenues of companies that produce electricity from low-cost sources other than gas and a solidarity contribution for companies that process fossil fuels to be redistributed to consumers . He will not miss the “liquidity support of utilities “and” the acceleration of RePowerEu», That is the maxi-energy plan presented in May to cut dependence on Russian gas, oil and coal through savings, diversification and investments in renewables.

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