Gasoline vouchers, they just steal money: don’t take it

In a period of crisis, obtaining petrol vouchers would be very convenient, where it was really possible. Often, we find certain pitfalls online. Let’s go into the topic, talking about petrol vouchers not to be taken.

Except in exceptional circumstances, given by special prizes established by the large distribution chains in the fuel sector, we should be alert as regards possibility residuals of procure of the good gas.

Pay attention to any messages, or telephone requests, which may reach you regarding petrol vouchers.

Temptation is always lurking there, and, given the difficult time that many families experience, especially due to the rise in the cost of energy sources, it could induce to stipulate online contracts that are not really “clean”. By the same we mean contracts with terms and conditions that are not exactly transparent, but there is more.

Many times, in fact, the ratio is not understood which lies behind these contracts, because they are proposed. But, as previously mentioned, those who find themselves in financial difficulty, and struggle to make it to the end of the month with the inclusion of spending on energy sources, tend not to ask themselves many questions. How then to distinguish the proposals not to be taken into consideration, and which only cause the loss of money?

How does the petrol coupon scam work?

Everything starts from a channel special on Whatsapp. In practice, you could end up in the network of malicious people simply with the inclusion (obviously not requested by you), of your WhatsApp number in the aforementioned channel.

Give her discussions present on the canal, undertaken by promotersbut also “supported” by a compliant public, with WhatsApp profiles created ad hoc by the same organizationthe possibility of obtaining, free of charge, a bonus gasoline worth 100 euros. In order not to arouse suspicion, the vouchers in question would be issued, as declared, by a known company of supplies.

It is also normal that, in addition to messages from the organizers, you will also find messages from people who show interest for the initiative, but without first having had the opportunity to touch it firsthand.

The moment you proceed, clicking on the interesting link which should lead to booking for the limited possibility of obtaining the voucher, you will find yourself in front of a form to be filled. of course, the coupon does not exist, and gods will want to steal from you, through the form itself sensitive data.

An example among the scam messages.

Among the requested data, also those banking (even if there is nothing to pay, you will be informed that the inclusion of the same is essential). This is how you will undergo, without your knowledge, by means of the pishingof the compulsory withdrawals from your credit card or bank account. It goes without saying that even the well-known refueling brand has nothing to do with the matter.

The scam on WhatsApp had already been revealed by, and moreover, it is turning one he cons of the same kind, by sms. In conclusion, it is good to remember that no sensitive data, such as bank details, will ever be requested via e-mail, sms, WhatsApp, telephone.

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