Gerry Scotti, sudden illness during the live broadcast: Manzini helps him, shocked audience

Gerry Scotti, one of the most beloved conductors in the Italian scene, scared the fans with a sudden illness live. The whole audience in the studio and at home was in shock when he saw the conductor collapse on the bench of Striscia la Notizia. Let’s see what happened and what was the trigger.

Since the beginning of his career, Gerry Scotti has been loved by the Italian public for his simplicity, genuineness and friendliness. A man who lets himself go to emotions without being afraid to show them: often a “Tu si que vales” we saw him cry in front of the story of some competitors, but we also saw him running to hug children and adults.

Gerry Scotti, ill during a Striscia outbreak: what happened

Many consider him to be Mike Bongiorno’s heir for his management skills. His career begins in Radio, but soon enters the homes of Italians as a host of Festivalbar, then Passaparola, Il Quizzone, Strip the news, Do you know the latest ?, Who wants to be a millionaire, Corrida, Paperissima, Lo Show of records, Io Canto, Caduta Libera and The Wall.

Gerry Scotti

An amazing career, studded with successes and great demonstrations of affection from the public. Precisely for this reason, i fan have remained in shock when they witnessed the live sickness. A few episodes ago, Gerry Scotti collapsed on the Striscia la Notizia counter during an off-wave. The colleague and co-host Manzini immediately volunteered to help him. But what was the trigger?

During the pandemic, Gerry contracted Covid which put him to the test. He still today he tells with shining eyes those terrible moments spent in the hospital and the fear of not making it. An experience that upset him, but she also taught him a lot. For this reason, Gerry told it with an open heart to Italians, hoping that someone can grasp the lessons he has gathered himself.

The dynamics and the rescue of Manzini

But no one expected it to be bad again, but it did. During an off-air of Striscia la Notizia, Gerry slumped on the counter for a short e bad crampwhich hit him at the legor probably to the inguinal band.

Gerry Scotti

The worried Manzini rescued him in the general dismay. But Gerry himself was able to ease the tension with his irony, even making an ironic joke. Fortunately, the situation was under control and the audience in the hall recovered from the fright.

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