Gerry Scotti, the background on Ilary and Totti so far never revealed

There separation between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti has held court throughout the summer and shows no sign of letting up interest in them, especially now that the word will pass to the lawyers. Their farewell left everyone speechless, even more so those who knew and experienced them as a couple.

Gerry Scotti was among the first to see them together. The conductor, who baptized Ilary’s career at ‘Passaparola’, revealed a background that until now he had always kept to himself: “One day I arrived in the backstage of Passaparola – he told in an interview with Panorama – and in the last stretch of the dark corridor that led to the study I caught a glimpse of a boy sitting on a cube, with a woolen hat pulled down on his head. I turn around and say to him: ‘Who are you?’. ‘Francesco’ he answered without telling me his surname. Obviously I recognized the voice. ‘And what are you doing here?’ divorce, I know what it means when life decides for us. ”

Speaking of those years, Scotti also recalled the ‘letters’: “Word of mouth was an important school for me and also for the girls: out of the corner of my eye I noticed those who were more attentive to what I was doing, who was distracted. , who had other things in mind. Of all the ‘schoolgirls’, Silvia and Ilary were the most respectful and attentive: their success is deserved “.

Francesco Totti says his: “I gave Ilary everything I could. I’m at peace with myself”


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