Gf Vip 5, Tommaso Zorzi and Stanzani at dinner with Oppini and his girlfriend

Peace now completely made that between Francesco Oppini And Tommaso Zorzi.

The two, let’s remember, met inside the Casa del Big Brother Vip 5 and since that time they have built a bond that has captivated millions of viewers. Once the spotlights were turned off, if initially things seemed to be going well between the two, something will then have happened. A probable quarrel will have separated the two and since then relations have completely cracked, or almost completely frozen.

Until a few months ago when there were rumors of a probable rediscovered serenity. But no revelations from either Francis nor by Thomas.

But the latter’s boyfriend took care of it, Tommaso Stanzani to delight the many fans who hoped to be able to see them again together.

Indeed, the dancer has published on his profile TikTok, a video that has the flavor of serenity. In the video in question we see a large table, during a dinner, composed of Tommaso Zorzitogether with her boyfriend Tommaso Stanzani; Francesco, together with his new girlfriend Francesca; next to them also the mother and sister of Zorzi. A dinner, an evening, spent in perfect harmony, peace and serenity and this is also shown by their way of joking.

After this video, fans started commenting on their rapprochement and went into ecstasy. There are those who say they are happy to be able to see that, despite the ups and downs of the past, between Francis And Thomas the calm is back and they have decided to put an end to the stupid quarrels that have led them to move away and return to enjoy the sincere bond that has always united them.

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