Gf Vip 7, Cristina Quaranta in the cast, Patrizia Groppelli out: that’s why

There is now a week left before the first episode of Gf Vip 7! And never like this year has Alfonso Signorini made us a bit of a pain. The conductor in fact preferred not to reveal the competitors, practically waiting for the start of the reality show to let us discover the official cast of this new edition. At the moment the confirmed names are those of Giovanni Ciacci and Pamela Prati, for the rest … just a few clues left here and there on social networks. A strategy adopted this year by the production of the Gf Vip which generated an infinite full name from the people of the web, who delighted in bringing out the most disparate names. And who knows if the internet users haven’t got it right!

In the meantime, as colleagues reported, it would seem that Cristina Quaranta will also be part of the cast. Will she be the ex of Non è la Rai that ThePipol was talking about?

To connect the dots on the clues was the Instagram page @GFVIPNews_ which thus discovered the name of Cristina Quaranta in the blink of an eye. Weeks ago Pipol had talked about a former girlfriend of Non è la Rai in the cast of Big Brother Vip and Cristina Quaranta, in addition to having been a Velina of Striscia la Notizia, she owes her fame to Gianni Boncompagni’s program.

The former showgirl from Antonio Ricci’s program would replace Patrizia Groppelli, who would have given up for some health problems of her father.

So guys, I have a few things to tell you to try to explain a very long absence from you!
I had a bit of a complicated summer:
My father had a major health problem that not only destabilized me a lot and required a lot of my energy. There have been very fragile days, especially from mid-month onwards!
In addition, my Aristotle also underwent another operation for yet another mast cell tumor. And I guarantee you that there is no fury towards him, only a dignified path that he deserves as long as it is possible.

The news about my participation in the big brother was all true! Of course there has been a nice ballet since May where I had refused because I was doing it underneath, changing my mind in the summer before my dad’s situation became unstable! I haven’t felt it anymore, and I was very sorry, every choice involves pain but I would never forgive myself for abandoning my family at a time when it is necessary to stick together and help each other. There are always we said with our loved ones but this time I raise my hands, you too do it with the unspoken before it’s too late!

I know that you will understand me, entering a game without desire and head to play spoils the party at all. And I didn’t feel like carrying all my worries inside, at this moment I still can’t barter smiles with anyone. I also know that I have made it difficult for the last working people, the production and the people who believed in me for this project and I am very sorry about this! That’s how it went!
I thank all those who have been close to me, with patience, friendship, love, but above all patience. Life goes on and tomorrow if you like, I go back to @iorno5tv and so on! A hug to everyone❤️

A few days ago, in the meantime, Antonella Fiordelisi would have inadvertently spoiled her participation in the Gf Vip:

Antonella Fiordelisi has published a story in which she was in the backstage of #GFVIP 💣🔥. Antonella in her Instagram stories published a video in which she was in the backstage of the GFVIP, the place is identical to that of the photo that the director Alessio Pollacci had published about a month ago, in fact it can be seen that the floor, the walls, the windows and roof shown in the story are the same as in the director’s photo 📸. In addition, Antonella has inserted the emojy of the hourglass ⌛, to make it clear that there is little, so she was referring precisely to the GFVIP

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