Gf Vip 7, the old comments of Elenoire Ferruzzi against Soleil Sorge and Sonia Bruganelli: the reaction of the columnist

The official cast of Big Brother Vip 7 has been made official in the past few days. competitors. One thing is certain though. That is, that you are already digging into their lives to look for something curious and to get to know them better.

In particular, in the last few hours some old comments by Elenoire Ferruzzi have come out against Soleil Sorge, last year’s competitor, and Sonia Bruganelli. The latter will return to play the role of columnist, but by her side she will no longer have Adriana Volpe: she will be replaced by Orietta Berti.

The first to have been targeted by the future competitor was Bruganelli, towards whom too kind words were not spent.

Will the wife of Paolo Bonolis already be tied to your finger? Probably yes, as this was her response to a user who asked her if she was aware of the comments in question.

But Ferruzzi’s attentions also touched Soleil:

Will the Sorge also find a way to “take revenge”?

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