Gf Vip, Ignazio Moser makes his debut as an actor (Video)

A beloved protagonist of the Gf Vip announced his debut as an actor during the 79th Venice Film Festival. We are talking about Ignazio Moserwho in recent days had intrigued his fans with sibylline posts that hinted at an important project.

Mystery then revealed by Deianira Marzano!

The former protagonist of the Gf Vip at the end of the press conference he told on his social profiles all his excitement for this new working adventure:

A day like today. I’m still trying to line up my thoughts and emotions about this fantastic new adventure that life has brought me. As always, I start in the fourth grade and throw myself headlong into things, perhaps many times I am wrong, others I do well but I am sure that I prefer to live with remorse than with regrets, this is one of the few things I am sure of.

I don’t think I’ll be an actor in life, or maybe I will. But why not live such a strong and unique experience like this? Only a fool would not have agreed to at least try. Or maybe only a fool would have done it but I have now decided that I will do it and I will do it to the best of my ability, everything else will be what it will be. ‘Cause in the end I’m an incurable fuckin’ head

A rosy period therefore for Ignazio Moser. Participation in the reality show has not only given him love, but has also opened the doors to the world of entertainment. After some experiences in the conduction, soon we could also admire it on the big screen.

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