Gigi Sabani, did not deserve to end like this. The chilling facts, a shattered career

Gigi Sabani’s life and career were cut short like a bolt from the blue.

The famous conductor, in fact, had disappeared from television for years, after the Italian public of the 80s had really grown fond of him. A few years later, a terrible heart attack took his life. But what was the cause for which Gigi Sabani had disappeared from the Italian television scene?

Gigi Sabani was undoubtedly one of the TV figures of reference in the 80s in Italy, working a lot for Rai and Mediaset.

He was highly appreciated for his ability to make imitations, especially inspired by Adriano Celentano, Toto Cutugno and Ornella Vanoni, Beppe Grillo, Lucio Dalla, Pippo Baudo and many others. His talent has led him to imitate celebrities even during a live broadcast of Sanremo.

Suddenly he disappeared from the TV and fell into a oblivion with no return: the public in fact forgot him and little was said about him, at least until the news of his arrest.

Sabani’s was one career full of successes and twists, which have marked it forever, until it took off. The showman, in fact, had been arrested because of an alleged harassment of a woman at the famous celebrity modeling school in Biella.

The accusation what hung on Sabani was that he had had private meetings with girls to give them gods favoritism in a professional sense.

An accusation that weighed for a long time on his image and career that over the years was getting closer and closer to take off, up to take a one-way street: oblivion.

In 1996 Sabani was arrested on charges of sexual fraud and induction into prostitution and was then compensated with 24 million lire for 13 days of unjust detention.

Gigi Sabani

After a successful career comes the arrest and, finally, the death who catches him while he is at home with his sister. It was 2007 and he was only 57 years old.

In the previous hours he had gone to see a doctor because of a tingling in the neck. Under the doctor’s advice, Sabani took an antibiotic unaware that that tingling was anticipating a heart attack that took his life forever.

Although the public had forgotten him by now, there have been many rumors about his death. Some argue that her sister had avoided taking action against the doctor because she threatened her. It was also written that the artist had been ill all day.

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