Giovanni Allevi talks about his illness: “Hands are trembling”

His hands are shaking from the powerful drugs he is taking the illness. And they can’t touch the piano keys as they should. But despite everything, the composer does not give up on music. Giovanni Allevi pianist and composer, go back to talking about his illness, myeloma discovered a few months ago. And she tells it on social media, posting a photo of her hands.

The post on social media

After the diagnosis last June, he returns to talk about the disease, updating the followers on his condition. For the musician these were difficult months, marked by severe physical pain, for which, at the beginning, he had found comfort in music. And now, even that great passion seems to be denied him since, due to his state of malaise, he is no longer able to play. But he is still working on a new composition.

Recently Allevi has shared a post on their Instagram profile, through which he explained the dramatic situation he is experiencing. The composer uploaded an image of his hands, accompanied by a touching description with which he confessed: “These hands are shaking from the powerful drugs I am taking and for the moment I cannot play. But new music invades my mind in an impetuous way and I don’t miss a note. Now it’s sweet, now it’s crazy and incomprehensible, dreamy and reflective, metaphysical. I can’t wait to let you hear it. “

Already a few months ago, on the occasion of the unexpected announcement of the disease, Allevi had spoken of a “sometimes unbearable physical pain”. Nevertheless, while thinning out his appearances on social media, he has always been present. And right on his Instagram profile and on Facebook, he was overwhelmed by the affection of fans and followers, ready to support him also in this challenge.

Last June it was he who communicated the news of the disease to fans, through a poignant post on his profile. An announcement that, the following month, was added to another tragedy that struck Giovanni Allevi and his family: la death of her sister Maria Stella. The woman, a law teacher in Ascoli Piceno, allegedly took her own life.

A tragedy within a tragedy, which prompted the artist’s followers to gather more and more around him. Under the last post, in fact, several comments are visible, through which many users have decided to leave a word of comfort towards him. There are those who wish him to return as soon as possible, saying: “We are waiting for you.” Someone else gives him courage: “Everything will be fine, I’m sure of it !! Come on Master”.


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