Giuntoli: “Napoli must try to win them all. There was a Fabian-Navas agreement. Ronaldo, Osimhen and Meret …”

The sporting director of Napoli was a guest of Kiss Kiss Napoli TV: “The summer market? The merit not only of mine, but of the club”.

Cristiano Giuntoli did a great job on the summer market. Among others, two players arrived in Naples who, although not very well known, are doing very well in Serie A: Kim and Kvaratskhelia. Then many others. The Sporting Director of the Campania association has released some statements to the microphones of Kiss Kiss Napoli TV: “Did I do a great job? The credit is not just mine, but the president and all the staff. Kvaratskhelia? There are many reports, which we take into consideration. In the past they asked for a lot of money that could not be spent. We waited for the war to break out which allowed us a less expensive channel. We got this guy home quickly. Has a new era begun in Napoli? For football teams, it always takes some time to blend together. The coach needs some time, it takes a little patience to maximize the qualities of the players. Is this the team I built? It’s not Giuntoli’s Naples, it’s De Laurentiis, Spalletti, Giuntoli’s Naples and everyone who works with us. It is not easy to skim a squad to the bone and then integrate players. I don’t care when I hear things, I just care that Napoli are at a high level “.

Each player has their own story, you don’t know what’s behind each player: requests, renewals and other things. I have been here for 8 years. How is Osimhen? He has a little discomfort in the adductor, there is no injury, he will decide with the doctor a few hours before the match against Liverpool, we will see if it will be appropriate to risk or not. Meret? We have always focused on him, but he has always had a lot of injuries. Last year he had two breaks and lost 40 days, with Ancelotti he always played the starter, then Ospina established himself because of the game from behind. For us he is an important player. Navas? We found ourselves in the Primavera with four deadline players, Koulibaly, Fabian, Ounas and Meret. We got to a point where they had to renovate or be sold. Consequently, having a very good relationship with PSG who was looking for a player with the qualities of Fabian, we made a sort of agreement to help each other, we gave them Fabian and they would help us with Navas. But then we realized that Navas could no longer come because of a mistake with the French club, but we were good at selling Fabian himself. Renewal? The prosecutor has always told us to see who to get to Napoli, now that he has the ownership I don’t think there are any problems. When he comes back from vacation we will sit down with him and talk. “

“Cristiano Ronaldo suggestion? It is bad to extinguish the dreams of the fans, there has never been a real negotiation. Nobody questions the qualities of the Portuguese, but we stick to our players. Where can this Napoli go? Napoli must not set goals, we must try to win in all matches, we can be competitive against anyone, time will tell. “

“Meret? He is certainly the best in recent years, against Lazio he made a great save on a header. He has great flexibility and manages to cover the goal well. He has already played over 100 games with Napoli and not. it’s a coincidence “.

“Napoli-Liverpool? A very difficult match, but it will certainly be for them too. Ndombele still at the top? He is certainly a bit out of competition, he has great qualities, but he is still struggling because he misses the game. The coach will have to be good. to get him in condition. We had already treated him a few years ago, so we already knew his entourage. In my opinion at the moment he is more suitable to play in a 4-3-3. Is there a right of redemption? high, but we have it. “

“Raspadori? We wanted an Italian player with his characteristics, his great desire to come to Napoli favored us. Is it Zielinski’s year? We hope so, last year he didn’t play well, this year he started with the right foot. He can fill more roles. Raspadori center forward? I think he can. Is it easier to talk to Spalletti or De Laurentiis? I have a great relationship with the De Laurentiis family, I am very happy. the relationship with Luciano is a fellow countryman of mine, he talks like me and used to come to play the district tournament. I feel very good with him. Which team is surprising me? Inter have taken on Lukaku, Milan are very strong, Roma have made a great transfer. The condominium is open, I struggle to identify a particular team. Does my contract expire in 2024? zero (laughs ed)! “.

“The racist choirs towards the Neapolitans? Naples is an extraordinary city, it is a football center with no contraindications, the pressure makes us feel alive. The more others hold us, the more we have to become strong. After 8 years I too feel Neapolitan and I am proud, it means that they fear us “.

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