Give away the Maneskins forever? Twist: A clue makes fans tremble

Do not call him Damiano, and do not associate him with the group in which he plays, as you risk hitting him. The Måneskin singer surprised fans and social media users with a strange, loud one exit…

A reply from three little words. That was enough for Damiano to send haywire Twitter and kick off a noisy crescendo of imaginative and eager reactions from fans and haters.

The response of Damiano David who sent Twitter into a tailspin (Ansa) –

In recent days, many web pages and newspapers have reported the news of a nice gesture made by Damiano David and his girlfriend Giorgia Soleri… Basically, the young singer of Måneskin and the influencer decided to adopt a kitten with serious illnesses.

And everyone, fans and not, wanted to compliment or comment on the fact. The kitten, which is called Ziggy (like Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie’s alter ego in the early 1970s), was shown by the couple in a video also shown by important Italian journalism newspapers.

But so much attention from the media, perhaps, did not appeal to the Roman singer … That’s why he showed up on Twitter (as he rarely does) to comment on one of these news, proposed by the account of Rai News.

Don’t call him Damiano dei Måneskin or it’s trouble

It’s called “Ziggy”, a tribute to Bowie, the abused cat, white and blind in one eye, adopted by Damiano dei Måneskin and his girlfriend. Here is the caption of the article shared on the official page of Rai News. And under this tweet appeared the comment of the singer: “Damiano David, grz“.

Ziggy, Damiano -
The kitten Ziggy grabs the arms of Damiano and Giulia (captured) –

So the 23-year-old artist wants to be called for name and surname. Or, some fans suggest, he sees it as a lack of respect to always be associated with his own band.

How to interpret the clarification by Damiano? Maybe he wants leave the Måneskin, as many have feared for some time? Or he fears that his identity will be discredited and simplified by journalists through one familiarity not granted?

The singer should be happy to be known and recognized without the help of the surname. This means that he has become the Damian more excellent among all the Damiano. A little like what happened to Dante, Leonardo, Michelangelo… who are known by their name and not as Alighieri, Da Vinci and Buonarroti. And the same happened to Berlusconi, who is the Silvio par excellence!

This is a wonderful achievement. Especially for those chasing success in the pop world. And the singer should therefore not take as a disrespect the fact of being called only by name or by be associated with his band. It would not make sense…

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