God help us, the absolute protagonist alarms the fans: “I’m struggling”

Rai viewers are worried by the latest announcement of the absolute protagonist of Che Dio Ci Aiuti. The actress would be struggling.

All viewers of the beloved Rai television series ‘Che Dio Ci Aiuti’ said they were concerned about the announcement of the beloved actress. In fact, the latter would have confirmed that she was having a lot of trouble: what is happening.

The protagonists of the beloved television series (via WebSource)

After months of inactivity finally Francesca Chillemi is ready to return. The beautiful Sicilian actress, whom the public has come to love first with her experience at Miss Italia and then with the role of Azzurra in God help usis ready to take back the scene with the new Mediaset series entitled ‘Purple like the sea‘. In fact, within this series you have worked shoulder to shoulder with the Turkish actor Can Yaman. During an interview with the magazine Voila the beautiful artist and model opened up.

So Francesca Chillemi was able to speak to the microphones telling not only curiosities and previews about the latest professional effort, but also touching personal keys. So on the pages of Voila it is read: “I have great faith in mankind, we are going through a complex historical period. A lot of people feel a little lost and I understand that“- the actress then specified -“I myself find it hard to shake off this sense of existential heaviness that now accompanies our daily life. I am convinced that we have to help each other“.

Francesca Chillemi and the first previews on ‘Viola come il mare’: “It brings with it a past of suffering”

God help us
The actress of Che Dio Aiuti during a shot for social media (via Instagram)

The expectation is growing for the television debut of Viola come il mare, a new fiction produced by the production company Lux Vide capable of bringing great contents over the years, such as the famous series’Don Matteo‘ And ‘God help us‘. Interviewed by Voila the enchanting Sicilian actress gave some anticipation on the role that we will see her cover in the upcoming series. On the pages of the magazine we read that Viola she is a journalist of Sicilian origins and Milanese by adoption, who carries with her a past of suffering and, as we shall see, secrets.

In addition, the protagonist has never known her father and suffers from synaesthesia. Francesca Chillemi in Purple like the sea will act alongside Can Yaman. Of the two he has chatted for a long time in recent months, with many gossip circulating about them. In addition, some dedications in this month have also made us assume a relationship between the two. Interviewed by Voila the actress originally from Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto reserved further beautiful words for her colleague, defining him as a guy who works hard and gives a lot to the public.

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