Grealish paid 117 million, the comparison arrives: how much is Leao worth!

The undisputed star of last season, which ended with the success of the Milan onInter in the long head-to-head for the championship, Rafael Leao has undoubtedly become a point of reference for the team.

Last night, in fact, was another excellent performance by the Portuguese, who thanks to one shotgun allowed the Rossoneri to equalize and, in the second half, to increase the gap on the Nerazzurri with the momentary goal 3-1.

Now ready to sit down at the negotiating table to set up an operation renewal with the club, the forward made a lot of talk about himself in the summer transfer market session, because some clubs had a strong interest in him, such as that of the Chelsea.

Leao Milan Inter

The requests of Leao in this regard they are of an economic nature, because he wants the team to retouch his engagementas a fair reward for performance on the pitch.


Radio commentator Francesco expressed himself precisely on the Portuguese Repice in the post-match of Milan-Inter, spending a lot of honey for him: “I called Leao’s goal a roar that comes from the Atlantic. He is a crazy, wonderful player. If Grealish is worth 117 million, Leao is worth almost 400!“.

Gabriella Ricci

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