Greta & Alice: naked yes but …

They are very young and very popular on social networks. The Greali Sisters are gaining tremendous popularity thanks to TikTok and have a lot to say.

Greta & Alice, the two very popular twins on social networks known as Greali Sisters (via Instagram)

Greta and Alice are two very young twins who have become gods real stars of the web. The Greali Sisters are conquering everyone and are making their way like other famous twins before them – just think of the famous Kessler, in the sixties, or the Donatella in more recent times – to which they are now starting to compete.

Their career began on TikTok, where they are very active with 1.6 million followers. Between ballets, lip-sync and collaborations with brands, their videos quickly went viral. So much so that they pushed them to open a YouTube channel and a shared Instagram profile (in addition to their personal accounts).

Popularity thanks to social networks

The Greali Sisters managed to ride the wave, taking full advantage of the visibility given by social networks: the two reached great popularity even before finishing school. Among their most popular content, a “game” in particular has fascinated the followers. Greta and Alice they often challenge fans to recognize them: the twins, in fact, are absolutely identical and distinguishing them is not at all easy.

The videos in which they ask fans to recognize them are always inundated with the comments of the latter and, for the Greali Sisters, it is a great way to increase their following on social networks. The two are also very popular on YouTube, where they answer questions from followers, test themselves with different challenges and share their tutorials and vlogs.

Even though they are very active on the web, Greta and Alice keep their privacy confidential. But despite this, they still haven’t been left out of the online controversy. Some time ago, in fact, they were the protagonists of one Instagram hit clash stories with the influencer Grazia Di Toma, who accused them of trying with her boyfriend, Samu.

A double vision

In addition to TikTok and Youtube, the Greali Sisters are very popular on Instagram, especially on the shared profile where they always show themselves together, with their matching looks. Not long ago, the twins posted a series of shots that left everyone breathless.

Greali Sisters (via Instagram)
Greali Sisters (via Instagram)

In the photos, they appear topless wearing only a pair of jeans. “One can be 𝙣π™ͺπ™™π™ž, without anything ᴄᴏɴᴄᴇᴅᴇʀᴇ, without opening even a crack of one’s own to the other 𝐴𝑁𝐼𝑀𝐴” commented Greta and Alice. The two wonderful sisters have bewitched everyone with their charm.

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