Guenda Goria after the dramatic experience: “It seems like a miracle to me, I’ll try to become a mother”

We all hope and wish that life will give us serenity and health, two of the most precious assets in the world. However, this does not always happen, and sometimes we are called to face painful situations, just as happened recently to the young woman. Guenda Goria.

Guenda Goria Ig –

We got to know Guenda Goria better in 2020, the year in which he participated in the fifth edition of Big brother Vip together with his mom. Guenda, in fact, is the eldest daughter of Maria Teresa Rutaborn from the love between the presenter and the sports journalist Amedeo Goria.

Not everyone knows, however, that Guenda is talented pianistas well as a very talented theater and film actress, and who has been engaged for some time with Mirko Gancitano, actor and videomaker. The two, as can be seen from the posts published on their respective Instagram profiles, are very in love, and have many projects that they want to carry out together, including getting married and creating a family.

Recently, however, Guenda Goria had a ectopic pregnancy, which marked the young artist both physically and psychologically. A few months after the incident, Maria Teresa Ruta’s daughter talked about herself in a long interview, during which she revealed what her current health conditions are and the projects she hopes to carry out in the near future.

How is Guenda Goria?

Goria and Gancitano -
Guenda Goria Ig with Mirko Gancitano –

As previously mentioned, Guenda Goria’s dream is to marry her Mirko Gancitano and build a beautiful family with him. An ectopic pregnancy, however, slowed the realization of all this, but she did not take away from the talented musician the hope of being able to carry out all of her goals soon. Recently, Guenda told about herself with an open heart in a long interview, published in the latest issue of the weekly New. On that occasion, the actress revealed that she wants to try again, in a while, to become a mother, and what are her current health conditions: “When it will, however, I will be followed from the beginning, given the my particular physical condition. […] I reacted strongly in the face of what has happened to me, partly because of character, and partly because looking ahead is part of the feminine nature. I’ve seen death in the face … It seems to me a miracle being able to get out of bed in the morning next to the man I love ”.

Preparations for the wedding

Guenda Goria and Mirko Gancitano are very much in love, and in their projects there is also getting married. Preparing for a wedding takes time and energy, all of which, at the moment, Guenda has to employ for to recover completely from what happened to her.

In the course of the interview cited above, the journalist from New asked the actress if she and her future husband have decided to postpone the wedding; her response was as follows: “Yes, we have postponed them because I’m still a little tired. I want to face the preparations and the ceremony with the right strength ”.

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