Guendalina Tavassi, a large “window sill” overlooking the sea

Guendalina Tavassi is one of the most sensual and sexy show women there is. The shots of her on her Instagram turn on the social network and often see her at the center of controversy too! But let’s see what she has done this time.

Guendalina Tavassi Sardinia (Instagram photo)

Fresh from his last experience on the island of the famous, Guendalina Tavassi has granted herself a wonderful holiday in Sardinia and here his shapes and poses have inflamed Instagram. The infleuncer, who often promotes swimwear and fitness clothing, is always ready to show something of himself.

Like all people who have had a dream vacation, Guendalina Tavvassi still has her head in Sardinia and is happy and sensual wishing idi still there in a bathing suit and with a great desire to sunbathe and take a swim in the sea. The reality is that at a certain point the holidays end and we have to go home where work, s school and children await us and this is also the case for Tavassi!

Who is Guendalina Tavassi?

A past from participating in reality shows. Tavassi has achieved notoriety with Big Brother and since that time he has often participated in television programs. You especially wanted Barbara D’Urso in her afternoon Cinque and Doemnica Live lounges. The knowledge and positions of Guendalina have often helped to put on live TV theaters on Canale Cinque.

Guendalina Tavassi shows herself and immediately the eye falls there

The influencer’s latest shot ignited Instagram and sent the post into a tailspin. In fact, remembering his crazy and happy summer in Sardinia the ex gieffina showed off her white micro bikini that barely contains her large breasts and redone. Gwendolyn has been inundated with likes and comments from followers who have always appreciated her generous shapes and her sensual poses.

Guendalina Tavassi in the foreground
Guendalina Tavassi side A (Photo Instagram)

In short, how not to admire and appreciate the sensuality of the Tavassi which, with the Sardinian sea as a backdrop, poses on the balcony showing its best side? Fresh from Honduras, the beautiful ex castaway lived moments of love with her boyfriend Fedrico Perna. Then there is the return to real life farmhouse to be faced again, including the ex-husband, Umberto D’Aponte, released from prison where he had ended up also following the complaints of Guendalina. The man allegedly assaulted her verbally and physically several times, putting her safety at risk. We will be seeing!

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