Hamilton snubs Verstappen: “Impressed by Newey” – F1 Drivers – Formula 1

With the pace it has had throughout the year and the exponential step forward shown at Spa-Francorchamps, one wonders if the Red Bull can open a new winning cycle after the golden period signed by Sebastian Vettel’s World Cup. Lewis Hamilton believes that Milton Keynes’s team has all the credentials to usher in a new era of domination: by doing so, he not only affirms his opinion, but also throws a dig at Max Verstappen, who beat him in 2021 in a controversial Abu Dhabi final. It is no coincidence, in fact, that the compliments to Red Bull made at Zandvoort came after a specific question about the driving qualities of the Dutchman. authentic ruler in Spa.

Am I impressed with Verstappen’s speed? I am mostly impressed with Adrian Newey and his team. I think it’s a great team, making great cars. They did an amazing job and everything I’ve said in the past about the team wasn’t in a bad way. I think I said years ago that it was a beverage company, pointing out that they would have bet more on a car company, but they proved to me and everyone else that they were wrong“Said the seven-time world champion in the Netherlands. “Knowing that Newey did his undergraduate thesis on ground-effect cars, it’s no surprise what he did and created this year. It’s impressive, but I believe in the young talent of my team and I think we will be able to catch up“.

The chances of Red Bull opening a new cycle are very high. I’m already on the right track. It will be very difficult for teams to bridge this gap: if your car is fast one year, it evolves into a faster car the following year, so the gap it has now will be very difficult to close for anyone from the third team onward of these generation of cars. But we have won the last eight world titles and have amazing and talented engineers. I have no doubt that we can reach themeven if we have to be very clear and precise in the development, because there are the budget cap and limitations of hours in the wind tunnel and CFD“, Concluded the Mercedes driver.


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