Hamilton: the accident with Alonso costs the start from the bottom in Monza – Formula 1

Max Verstappen a year ago he saw a practically new power unit of the three available this season shatter on the occasion of the collision with Lewis Hamilton at the Copse during the first lap of the British Grand Prix. Honda had tried to save the drive unit, but in Hungary a replacement was needed on Saturday due to a crack that emerged after the first two free practice sessions.

Similarly, Lewis Hamilton has also practically unused the third power unit of the season in this 2022. The English driver, like his boxing mate George Russell, introduced the third engine at Spa in Belgium two weeks ago. At the start of the Belgian Grand Prix, however, Hamilton and Alonso ended up in contact at Les Combes, a collision that generated an impact with the ground with a force equal to 45G, a blow that made the power unit unusable (in the Netherlands where the engine counts less than the seven-time champion ran with a previously used unit). The power unit in question will be able to return to service as an engine used for free practice on Friday.

In Monza, however, a new engine is needed – the fourth in the season – and therefore Hamilton will start from the bottom in an Italian Grand Prix that certainly does not place Mercedes as favorites. The British driver will certainly not be the only one to have to serve a penalty on the starting grid at Monza, where several introductions are expected in terms of components and power units in addition to those allowed by the regulations. Carlos Sainz, in fact, could decide to retreat to take advantage of the new hybrid available to Charles Leclerc as early as the Belgian Grand Prix.

More Yuki Tsunoda he will have to serve 10 penalty positions on the grid due to the fifth reprimand this season received in the Netherlands by the Commissioners for loosening his seat belts while returning to the pits after what seemed to be a fatal problem for his AlphaTauri.


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