handsome, 23 years old, who is Andrew Darnell

Madonna never ceases to amaze. Four months after the separation of her last boyfriend who had already scandalized the world for her young age, the Queen of Pop finds herself an even younger one. Filed the story with the 28 year old Ahlamalik WilliamsCiccone found shelter in the 23-year-old’s arms Andrew Darnell. Madonna and her new toyboy came out on the cover of “Paper” and now show up together on Instagram in shots that are a mix of sensuality and eroticismdriving fans of the gossip.

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The age difference

For Madonna and his new flame the age difference doesn’t seem to be a problem. The two posed together for the cover of “Paper” and, in the last few hours, the famous pop star has shown herself together with her boyfriend also through social. Madonna, who blew out 64 candles on August 16, confessed to meeting her new flame for the first time while she was strolling on Long Island. Andrew Darnell at the age of 23 made the pop queen lose her head: «I saw this mystical boy, I don’t fool you, skating in front of me and I thought I saw Bob Marley on a skateboard. He was great, ”he revealed. As it happens, Durnell is a little younger than Lourdes Maria Ciccone, Madonna’s daughter who turned 25 this year.

Who is Andrew Darnell

Andrew Darnell he is described as the classic winner, a man of “a thousand talents”. He lives on Long Island, New York, has a bright future on the horizon with the role of Sylvester in the HBO teen drama “Betty” and also loves skating and skateboarding. On Instagram he is full of shots that tell him, in addition to the shot with his new girlfriend, Madonna.

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