Harry and Meghan are in England again (but the royal family is disappointed)

After the debut of the first two episodes of the podcast Archetypes – in which he chatted with Serena Williams and then with Mariah Careyand in which she revealed how “before dating Harry no one treated me like a ‘black woman'” – Meghan Markle arrived in London with her husband Harry for the third time this year.

Arrived in England on Saturday 3 September, the couple has in sight a busy week of meetings with charitiesincluding the One Young World Summit in Manchester, an Invictus Games event in Düsseldorf and the WellChild Awards in London.

This is the third time the two have arrived in the UK in 2022. For their previous trip, last June, when they introduced the newborn Lilibeth to family members and attended the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, they traveled with both children, Archie and Lilibet. This time, however, they arrived alone, simply escorted by assistants and bodyguards.

Who knows how the royal family will welcome them afterwards the first (explosive) interview Meghan gave after she left the royal familyexcluding that of couples and on TV, from Oprah.
Following the release of The Cut interview last week, a source told Entertainment Tonight that the royal family was “disappointed” by his comments, and there was “a loss of confidence.”

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In the’cover article by The Cut revealed various details about her and Harry’s decision to rebuild a life in the United States and the restrictions she faced as a member of the Windsors. The Duchess said that “just by existing” she and Harry were “upsetting the dynamics of the hierarchy” before they resigned as “royals.” She also said it takes “a lot of effort” to forgive her and hinted that he can “say anything” by not signing any confidentiality agreements with royals. Harry also has a quotation mark, unedifying to the royal court: “Most people I know and many members of my family are unable to work and live together.” Finally Meghan added that “there is room for forgiveness between her and the royals”, but that “she is still working on it”.

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