Harry and Meghan furious: Charles III has stripped their children of the title of ‘Royal Highness’. Here’s what not having it means for Archie and Lilibet

Can one become a prince already knowing that he can never be called His Royal Highness in life? It is the fate that touches Archie and Lilibeti children of Harry and Meghan, who will already “suffer” from this deprivation as children. Anyone who thinks that these are only obsolete formulas, fairy tale salamons, historical reminiscences, are very wrong. That title, His Royal Highness, brings with it quite a few privileges and we’ll see which onesthe.

But there is a detail that must be anticipated: Harry and Meghan are furious with King Charles III, who made this decisionAnd. And the gossip feeds a rumor: it is once again a rude (but all royal) against the rebellious couple and Meghan Markle in particular. In short: the chapter that follows Carlo’s decision to block the arrival of Harry’s wife at the Balmoral Castle to pay homage to Elizabeth after her death.

What’s the situation? The death of the long-lived queen caused a dynastic chain reaction. Kate and William now I am Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge. Even the children of Sussex (Harry is the Duke) have seen their status change. They are the King’s nephews. Archie Mountbatten-Windsor becomes prince under a 1917 law of the great-grandfather George V, who ordered the status of the sovereign’s grandchildren. The same thing happens to Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor called Lili: she too is, according to the pompous definition of the law, “daughter of a son of a sovereign”. She or her niece. Always according to the dictation of George V, they should therefore be Hrh, His (or Her) Royal Highness, her Royal Highness. It will not be so because Carlo has changed things.

The official motivation? Streamline the court. By following the traditional rule of that title, too many people could have been emblazoned. Carlo intervened to avoid, let’s call him that, an excessive crowding of His Royal Highnesses. Entering this map means facing an authentic tangle. Considering, for example, that it was Elisabetta who decided to assign that title to William’s other two children as well, Charlotte and Louis of Cambridgewho were not entitled to it by law.

The deep gorges of the Royal House tell of a violent quarrel between Harry and King Charles, precisely because of the decision to exclude the children from the title. Through this appellation the principles can indeed benefit from public funds and can enjoy police protection, also tax-funded. It is a sore point and not from today. Harry filed a lawsuit against the British Home Office: According to him and his wife, the removal of taxpayer-funded bodyguards since they quit as royalty has been “unfair”, “illegal” putting their family at risk.

Imagine now that this is denied, forever, even to children. In the famous interview with Oprah Winfrey Meghan had foreshadowed that there was a preventive attitude towards the offspring at court “because of their race”. The corollary of the accusations of racism that had made the Court tremble.

A source of the Royal House, however, has denied any retrothinking. He explained as follows: “Charles never hid the desire to have a leaner monarchy, he understood that the British do not want to pay for an institution that is too numerous. And then the Buckingham Palace balcony is in danger of collapsing because it is getting too crowded“.

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