Harry Styles forced to stop the concert to “save” chicken nuggets

Most likely for his concert-event at the Madison Square Garden in New York the British singer (and actor) Harry Styles he expected the crowd bath, but certainly not that the crowd threw him chicken nuggets. Yet it happened and, at first, he was so perplexed that she stopped singing.
a chicken nugget?
Styles asked, looking at the audience. Then he took the kibble in his hand and added: Interesting approach, very interesting for attracting attention. But I’m sorry, I don’t eat itand then continue in Italian I do not eat meat.
Troubled? Only initially, perhaps, because then in his style the singer, former leader of the boyband One Direction, began to make irony: But this nugget is also cold, old, definitely very old. So she asked who had thrown it and, once she found the guilty fan, she asked between one chicken nugget parade and another: Do you want your nugget back? The answer was immediately yes. At this point Harry threw it, but with a few caveats: Here you go, you can get your nugget back. Although I have to tell you that very cold and therefore I assume very old. She then begged the pitching fan not to eat it by promising to get her some new chicken nuggets: Don’t be afraid, you’ll get some other chicken nuggets, this one would be better not to eat it.

In short, it all ended with a laugh and lots of applause that silenced some ill-thinkers. In fact, there are those who believed that the croquette was a sort of protest against the pop star’s vegetarian regime. In reality it was just an avid admirer’s way of getting noticed by her idol.

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