Have you ever seen Stefano Accorsi in costume? A simply statuesque physique, despite 51 years of age

Have you ever seen the famous actor Stefano Accorsi in a bathing suit? The latest shots will literally leave you speechless.

He has just turned 50 even if many will find it hard to believe it: Stefano Accorsi has always been one of the most acclaimed actors in the Italian cinema scene and a symbol of charm and beauty. He has taken part in unforgettable films such as The last Kiss And Saturn Against and has collaborated with directors of the caliber of Ferzan Ozpetek and Gabriele Muccino. The interpretations of him have always left their mark and have consecrated him as a star in the Italian cinema scene and beyond.

His interest in cinema has always been very strong and has matured over time as it has then transformed into his work. Recently, he has also launched himself into the world of television and has often stated how much this new ‘look’ is particularly welcome. Time has passed since the beginning, even if the physical appearance of him proves the exact opposite. At fifty, the star appears in a dazzling physical form that some twenty-year-olds can only envy. The paparazzi pinched him in mid-August and the stolen shots have particularly surprised his fans. Here’s why.

Stefano Accorsi and the ‘hot’ shots

The sun of August has given many joys apparently. Many VIPs, intent on spending their holidays, have let themselves go in poses and bathrooms that the paparazzi have not missed the opportunity to seize on the fly. This time, we talk about the actor Stefano Accorsi, who was photographed in a bathing suit. A relaxing holiday during which the charming Bolognese actor also had the opportunity to leave a small gift to his fans. In fact, some shots that portray him show his body as a real 20-year-old. blue hat and gaze towards the horizon, Accorsi leaves you speechless.

The costume worn emphasizes the slim line of the hips and the body trained by long sessions in the gym and precise training programs. In fact, he practices numerous sports such as basketball, cycling and swimming by his own admission. He also stated that this lifestyle is accompanied by listening to good music and watching quality films and theatrical performances, which therefore helps to make everything as we see it. Chest and abs sculpted have sparked the enthusiasm of the fans who commented very pleasantly on the images of the star intent on spending the last days of this summer on the beach.

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