“He has to risk, Inter is missing one thing”

Intervened in the usual appointment at the BoboTV, Lele Adani commented on Inter’s defeat against Lazio, which would have highlighted some tactical limitations of Inzaghi:

I think Inter should start thinking about a plan B, 3-5-2 is fine but you can vary both during the race and at the start of the game. What the Nerazzurri lack is an attacking midfielder, at the moment they are all raiders. In Conte’s time there was Eriksen who slipped away to receive the ball and invented plays

Inzaghi Inter Adani

Inter also needs like bread Brozovic, the team goes with his pace. Brozovic is the team’s thermometer, though the team must be beyond Brozovic. Milan, for example, took Bennacer from Empoli and waited for him to grow up and now look at how important he is on a tactical level for the Rossoneri. Inzaghi should do the same with Asllani. He has to start tapping into all the strength he has. He has to take risks, experiment

The former Inter defender then also had his say on the Nerazzurri’s defensive performance: “The defense continues to take goalsbecause something has to be registered there too. Sticks will always be better at building than marking, with Lazio he missed the timing of the marking. He is a player of the highest level, he was born as a modern footballer who knows how to play the ball well, he is more of a Bonucci that a Bremer so to speak“.

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