He loses control of the bike, gets on his rival’s and then … blows! [VIDEO VIRALE] – News

A young rider lost control of his bike but, no one knows how, he managed at the same time to do an incredible stunt, then well there were the punches!

August 30, 2022

D.strange episodes on the track if you see many but what you can see at 2:38 of this video really singular and absurd.

Now, if you have already seen it, don’t get angry, you can also see it again, right? But if you haven’t seen it well the news does not do it justice but more or less is what is written in the title.

We are in a race and a rider loses control of his bike (maybe after bumping into the other? reaction makes us think so …), after losing control, however, he does not lose his mind and don’t-know-how somehow manages to get on the rival’s bike, while they go fast on the straight.

The rival, incredulous, does he stop because he does not understand what happened and? twist it also takes a big punch on the helmet who knocks him out … a little fight is born, always quite comical when two people with overalls and helmets are beaten!

In this video of minutes you will find many funny incidents, in our opinion the most funny is the one described above, also according to you?


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