He makes the dog drive the car and posts the video on social media: it ends badly

An Israeli man ended up in handcuffs after posting a video showing his dog driving a car on social media. A social case involving a 35-year-old, to whom the stunt cost him really dear: having viewed the video, the police identified and arrested him, after discovering that the vehicle was also uninsured.

In the images, which have now gone viral on social media, it is possible to see the dog sitting on the man’s legs and with his paws on the steering wheel, intent on driving the car, even with a fair amount of talent. Probably the man just wanted to make an ironic video and get some likes, but the video attracted the attention of the police, who started the investigation and managed to track him down.

As reported by the local press, the case took place in Ein Naqquba, a village about 10 kilometers from Jerusalem. The Israeli police released a statement regarding the arrest of the 35-year-old: “Whoever commits these actions endangers their own life, but also and above all that of others. We will continue to oppose these violations and prosecute anyone who becomes the protagonist of these acts that endanger road users “.


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