“He wants to do it with Napoli”. Then the background on the band

The Naples she changed her outfit a lot this summer. De Laurentiis And Joints they were able to completely revolutionize the staff available to Spalletti in an attempt to reduce the amount of salary which, after the pandemic, had become unsustainable.

There are many who have left and among these there are also Insigne And Koulibaly. The blue locker room, in one fell swoop, lost its own Captain and your own Commander.

Giovanni Di Lorenzo Napoli (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti / Getty Images)

Spalletti was therefore immediately concerned with finding new charismatic leaders who could replace them. The choice fell on Giovanni Di Lorenzo. The blue right back is the new captain of Naples.

Mario Giuffredithe player’s agent, issued a long al Morning and he also spoke about his client and the new responsibilities he is taking on.

The following is highlighted:

Di Lorenzo has no doubts: he wants to stay here until the end of his career, he asked me to work at
renewal. Many in Europe have looked for him this summer and also big names in the Champions League but him
he didn’t even want to hear the offers. As soon as De Laurentiis wants, we are ready to renew. Do not
we look forward

Is this band a great emotion for Di Lorenzo? “He wanted it at all costs, as soon as he realized that Koulibaly was also about to leave he called me and said:” You don’t know how I would like to become the captain of this team. ”

And I told him: “No one better than you, even if you are not Neapolitan, can represent this team, this club and this city on and off the pitch”. And he was delighted when Spalletti also immediately supported him in this desire ”.

And in fact, in the first three races he showed all his character. “Many thought that him
being taciturn, reserved, always careful to say the right words, he could not be a leader, as if to be heard and respected by opponents, referees and teammates, he had to always wear the shoes of a gladiator and a showman. In Florence, when there was a really close competition, full of clashes and face to face, he showed his charismatic face. For me it was never a surprise ”.

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