“He was depressed, he was reborn with her” – Corriere.it

Alex Nuccetelli reveals a background of the new life of the Captain. Meanwhile Ilary Blasi flaunts tranquility on social media

While out and about, bets are accepted on when he will appear on TV under the lights of very true for the final showdown (they say it’s already been recorded, it doesn’t show up) Ilary Blasi – apparently not at all worried by the accusations contained in the interview with Courier by Francesco Totti or from the judicial, and quarrelsome drift towards which the separation from the former number 10 of Rome seems to start – he enjoys posting on Instagram a video-selfie in the mirror in a schoolgirl version, white t-shirt, black skirt, socks and college moccasin by Prada (850 euros). Meanwhile, the lawyers Alessandro Simeone (for her) and Antonio Conte and Annamaria Bernardini de Pace (for him) they study strategies.

As for Totti and his missing Rolexesthe Captain must have bad karma with the precious Swiss accessories. Two years ago I lost one and such was the discouragement that put a announcement on social networks: I lost my watch that I was very attached to and with which I shared my entire career. I turn to you in the hope that you can find it. I know it’s almost impossible, but it doesn’t hurt to try. It is a D.
aytona steel with white dial and in the strap it has two plaques with the letter C (Cristian and Chanel). Thank you in advance. I’ll come and get it myself. Not known if it was later found, unlikely.

Meanwhile Fabrizio Corona – always to be taken with pliers – went wild. Totti and Ilary Blasi have been betraying each other for years, its slogan. Come on Instagram the turbulent photographer – who inserted the shot of such a blonde and beautiful Martina, cataloged with the number 1 (mah) – promised formidable revelations. Instead he limited himself to a sort of puzzle, with a solution in the next issue: Yesterday Ilary on social media she would post her grandmother’s tagliatelle, but in the evening he was in Milan at the birthday of his famous agent who took and posted everything and everyone, not for her. Then came someone known just now in the news. We were there. Let you know, he writes and attaches photos with a bull neck and a thick set of tattoos.

Yesterday instead a Your Facts on Raidue he spoke again Alex Nuccetellithe friend pr and body builder who introduced Ilary to the Giallorossi champion, now 20 years ago. Francesco has always been very close to his family and his wife. Whatever I suggested, he always replied: “Let’s hear what Ilary says, let’s see what Ilary wants to do, Nuccetelli recalls. More or less a year and a half ago he had a special moment for him, he was sad, thoughtful, he who has always been joyful, funny. And Noemi Bocchi has arrived. They had already met at a padel tournament in Sardinia, which was also attended by Ilary. Francesco had noticed it. Then I managed to make them meet again because of this depression of hers. But Noemi told me: “I will never interface with a married man and with children”. a good girl. I don’t know if he is really in love with her, for with her Francesco is reborn. And as for the cryptic phrase ofex Letterina Blasileaked through friends (Over the years Ilary has seen things that could ruin 50 families) Nuccetelli invites you to be cautious: If you talk about the good of your children you have to do an examination of conscience and go a little slower.

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