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Establishing a proper dental hygiene routine is important to have healthy teeth and mouth, avoiding crazy expenses at the dentist.

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Having healthy and strong teeth, intact enamel and a healthy oral cavity is essential for everyday life. It is not only important on a social level, to present yourself decently to others, but also on a healthy level. This is certainly not new the influence of the teeth on the rest of the body. In fact, body posture and a myriad of other ailments are also connected to the problems of the teeth and gums.

Preventing plaque build-up and avoiding the onset of tooth decay, as well as inflammation and infections of the tongue and gums, must be part of our daily routine. Removing harmful bacteria that form in the oral cavity is possible by following certain behaviors. Clean your teeth correctly it is therefore essential to avoid problems of various kinds.

The correct habits for cleaning teeth and gums

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Cleaning the oral cavity mainly passes through five very simple actions, but not all of them perform. The result of bad habits can be seen when you have to pay your dentist. How to improve your oral hygiene and avoid other problems? Let’s take a look at the tips from the experts.

The first recommended habit is to avoid stressing the entire oral cavity. The psychophysical stress greatly affects the mouth. For example, many people under stress and in perpetual state of anxiety tend to grind their teeth, bite their lips, or consume calorie and sugar-rich foods.

The precautions necessary to clean teeth and oral cavity

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These are all negative habits that affect the health of the entire mouth, causing tooth decay and various infections of the lips and gums. Staying calm is the ideal solution, obviously it is not a behavior that we can prevent or control, but at least we can avoid biting our lips and gums, or grinding our teeth, applying a dental splint during the night, in case of bruxism.

Furthermore, in addition to the teeth, it is necessary clean the whole palate, starting with the tongue, in order to eliminate bacteria. Another advice from dentists is to never resort to home-made teeth whitening operations. Many whitening products, in fact, include hydrogen peroxide, a substance that removes stains on the enamel but which, in some cases, could damage the enamel of the teeth.

Advice from dentists for proper dental hygiene

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Better to rely on certified products. It is also possible to resort to natural home remedies, the important thing is to inform yourself well before acting, and maybe ask your dentist for advice. And again, the quality of the toothbrush used is essential for proper cleaning.

Pay attention to the texture of the bristles, when these are too hard it is a problem, better to opt for soft bristles, which cannot cause injury to the gums. Also, when brushing your teeth, never force it. The ideal is to buy a electric toothbrushdefinitely more efficient than the traditional one.

Another precaution is the use of dental floss, in such a way as to remove food residues and bacteria deposited in the middle of the teeth. Alternatively, you can use the water jet, an accessory that is now increasingly popular in all homes, for a healthy dental shower. This is able to clean difficult areas, not reachable by the toothbrush or dental floss.

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