Here are the Italian regions where you earn the most, if you are thinking of giving yourself a change

Where would it be best to live in the coming months? This is the question hundreds of us are asking themselves in this period. Summer ends, and with September and October comes the time of year when, by far, it is ideal to move.

You move to another region for work, or for study, but above all for the former. There are those who have been looking for work recently, others for months, and it is because of the wait that they have decided to take the big step: leave their own region for a while and move to another.

To make the best decisions, however, that is, to make the most convenient and functional decision, it is necessary to go and see which region is most convenient to move to. In other words, which is the Italian region in which you earn the most?

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And then there is another question, which are the Italian regions where work is easier to find? The answers coincide, in the sense that the regions in which you earn the most are also those in which it is fastest to find employment.

Let’s talk of Trentino-Alto Adige and Lombardy. The third region, also with excellent salaries and good ease of finding work, is Emilia Romagna. The fourth region, on the other hand, is Veneto.

Of course, opportunities and salaries vary within each region. In Lombardy Milan stands out (with an average of 32,000 euros per year, but which also has the highest cost of living) and in Emilia Romagna Modena stands out. In Trentino there are excellent opportunities both in Bolzano and in Trento.

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