Here is the dream sea in Europe where a holiday in September costs you less than a smartphone

Summer trips organized at the last moment could give us unexpectedly welcome surprises, starting with the costs. Booking at the latest is usually more expensive, but if we do it now so that we can leave in early September, well, it could be the exact opposite. Buy for a song.

September – especially the first two weeks – is the ideal month to travel. In Italy and in the rest of the Mediterranean the climate is perfect: not too hot, but still excellent for spending the days soaking between sea and river, or on the beach.

For those who have not been able to take vacation between July and August, therefore, there are many opportunities. Also because the prices at the end of the season are much lower, the availability of hotel facilities is high and tourists are decidedly fewer.

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But what is the best and cheapest destination for September? According to many it is Albania. The state, our border neighbor, is easy to reach, has dream beaches, welcoming and well-organized cities, low prices and many people who speak Italian.

Going to Albania is a winning move: for how close it is, it is a fascinating and very interesting country to discover. The nature, whether it is the sea or the mountains, is exceptional, with postcard views just a stone’s throw from Tirana, the capital.

How writes the site The Culture Trip Albania is by far the best destination in the Mediterranean, and also the cheapest: “Today the average cost of a meal is around 7 euros, while a beer costs around 1 euro”.

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