here is the official ranking of the highest paid, crazy

The importance of the lira has always been in the field of collecting but also in culture as the old Italian coin, widespread even before the proclamation of the Unification of Italy until 2002, inevitably had a great influence also linked to habits, having been the coinage of entire generations of Italians. The lira also from a collector’s point of view represents one of the most interesting currencies in an absolute sense, here is a small ranking by “economic value” of the issues among those of the old lira that are more coveted.

Old lire of value: here is the official ranking of the highest paid, crazy

Among the most interesting are certainly the famous 10 lire, but not those Earextremely widespread throughout the second half of the twentieth century, but the earlier ones, known as Pegasus or Olive tree, minted in smaller numbers during the first years of the second post-war period. These are cooniated emissions in Italma, the same metal alloy as the Ear and they are definitely interesting as a 1946 specimen is worth up to 700 euros if in perfect condition but the 1947 one, minted in only 12 thousand specimens, is even rarer. A specimen is worth thousands of euros if well kept up to over 4000!

10 lire old lire

Similar speech regarding the 5 lire Grape, even those developed in not too many specimens from 1946 to 1950. It is the 5 lire recognizable by the bunch of grapes, while the other side is characterized by a head with a torch. The value for a 1947 copy is also significantly high in this case and exceeds 1200 euros, again due to a very limited edition.

The 500 Caravelle is definitely famous Wrongthat is the trial version of the more famous 500 lire d ‘silver Italian. Very few specimens managed to “survive” the modification that brought the flags on the sails to the right. These specimens are worth several thousand euros, the auction value can exceed 12 thousand euros for a coin in perfect condition.

500 lire caravels

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