Here is who will take Queen Elizabeth’s inheritance: unimaginable figures

After the death of Queen Elizabeth there is full bets on who will grab the huge sum of money that the monarch owns. Let’s see the details of an announced soap opera.

Although we were all aware that sooner or later the Regina would be dead, the news of her passing was a real shock. September 8th Elizabeth passed away at her home in Balmoral, Scotland at the ripe old age of 96, leaving the throne to her son King Charles accompanied by the Queen Consort Camilla. The UK, as well as the whole world, has sunk into infinite sadness in that the figure of the queen has accompanied many epochal events.

His reign lasted for seventy years and during his work he really witnessed the most important historical facts always at the forefront and never backing down from making even a difficult decision.

Over time, the English monarchy has suffered the media pressure due to numerous scandals starting from the tragic story of Diana, former wife of Charles and late princess, to the transfer to Harry and Meghan’s America. The two decided to abandon royal duties for a more peaceful life overseas where they began a series of philanthropic activity.

The echo of their decisions is heard up to now so much is that some rumors believed that the two would not show up at the commemoration ceremony for the Queen’s death. Nevertheless, Harry and Meghan were there and greeted the crowd that came to attend the event along with Wiliam and Kate.

It is necessary to understand how long the two will remain in EEurope taking into account that the United Kingdom he will be in mourning for ten days until they are there the official funeral in London.

The Queen’s legacy

The woman has been remembered by many political personalities, some of whom came to England to give a final farewell to the great Queen. The latter had an incredible influence on the whole world and not surprisingly it was the first queen whose image was used in English coins.

Now that a better life has passed, the reins will be taken in hand by Carlo and William in turn will have to broaden his range of action. Who will Elizabeth’s huge inheritance go to? Meanwhile, the sum to which she amounts to her assets has been revealed. We are talking about unimaginable figures.

The portal “Here finance” stated that the Queen’s fortune is around $ 520 million in addition the various properties around the UKincluding the castle of Balmoral in Scotland. To benefit from this inheritance will certainly be Carlo as well as William and nephews. Harry’s whereabouts are unclear but obviously he won’t be left without a penny in his pocket either.

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