“Here to grow and do well, I am inspired by Cordoba”

Bologna: the Lucumì conference

“The sporting director talked to me and convinced me, I felt wanted and I like the project for Bologna from all points of view. There are many strong players with whom I have the pleasure of training. It can be a growth from the point of view. important professional point of view “.

Lucumì on Medel

“Everyone in South America knows him, he is a player who made the history of the Chilean national team, he has personality, experience and has won a lot. He will be able to help me a lot in the continuation of my career. The city is very beautiful and has a lot of history. very little but they told me a lot. The people were very welcoming. It is one of the most successful clubs in Serie A. “

Lucumì’s models

“I can play both three and four, the important thing is that I am on the left where I use my strong foot. I can also change form in the running game. I am inspired by Ivan Ramiro Cordoba and Mariano Yepes”.

Lucumì on Mihajlovic

“I talked to Sinisa on the pitch, I’m learning the tactical moves to better adapt to the team. I saw a good team against Verona, ordered, then the game balanced out. They tried to win the game until the end, but I saw a team that tried to play with the ball, trying to score “.


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