here’s what he wrote to her

Wild Lucarelli intervened on the his Instagram channel to publicly respond to Vanessa Incontrada.

Many times, the well-known actress has been at the center of controversy for her physical appearance. It all started about two years ago, when theMeet laid bare on the cover of VanityFair in order to launch a message of body positivity. From there numerous criticisms, also fueled by other appearances and by numerous covers that put his physique in the foreground. It was Selvaggia Lucarelli who intervened, almost taking his defense and writing:

I have no words to say how disgusted I am by those who post yet another photo of Vanessa Incontrada (…) with the fake benevolent comment. “Look what a beauty, in the face of bodyshaming”. Yet another focus on her body, yet another opportunity to post a photo that generates hypocritical comments (…).

Just in these hours, however, the journalist revealed that she had received a private message from the well-known actress. Here is what she wrote:

After years of defending her, even in some of my books (I don’t know her), recently I took the liberty of writing that Vanessa Incontradaperhaps, he should stop replying to comments about his body, placing himself on covers that put his body at the center …

He then went on to reveal the content of the message:

I happen to receive a message from him of confusing explanations (whose comments I rightly keep to myself). Which ends (I say this instead) with a “I would like not to be mentioned in your posts anymore “. Now, beyond the fact that I have not quite understood if at least I can name it in the articles, I clarify that journalists are not good megaphones only when they have to smooth you in the interview for yet another victim cover. So, kind Vanessa Incontrada, do not allow yourself to ask a journalist not to name you except in the tones you like. It does not work like this. After years of a bright career you should know that.

In the end, Wild Lucarelli concluded as follows:

So how should you know that on the back cover to say “don’t talk about my body“Speaking of your body, however, it may happen that someone (who maybe you were also nice) tells you that you are marching on it. Because in any case it is feeding a wrong and perverse system. Without rancor eh, but maybe think about it.

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