Here’s what the gold used today is worth: the shocking revelation

Owning gold used today, among your objects, or having it in your investment portfolio, can mean being in possession of an important capital, in the process of revaluation, and with excellent growth prospects. Some may already know that 2022 was an important year for the growth of the value of gold, even stronger if you look at the last two years.

The phenomenon, which is positive for investors in this safe haven asset, is however linked to the difficult international situation, fraught with tensions and wars, with the possible cause of severe socio-economic crises all over the world. Big investors are asking for gold again, and the price for it is going up. In this article we continue to monitor the value of the gold used for our readers.

Here is what the gold used today is worth

The current value of 24 karat gold is 56.20 Euros per gram. The evaluation framework for used gold is completed with the following values: 18 k gold is worth 42.08 euros / gram, 14 k gold has reached the value of 32.80 euros / gram, while 9k currently travels on 18.62 euros per gram. Those who regularly follow the price of used gold and the monitoring that we carry out on it as an editorial staff, will have already understood that today’s value is almost stable compared to the last period.

We can say with some certainty that gold is settling around the value of 56 Euro / Gram. We have had minimal fluctuations for several weeks, and the trend is still rising compared to the low of last July 21, when gold fell again 53 Euro / Gram. Looking at the history of the value of gold used, we remain in the context of a massive growth of 544% in the last 20 years and 71% in the last two.

Used gold: sell today? Here are the predictions

There is no better judge than yourself in assessing the need to sell your gold today. With a stable valuation for a few weeks, it becomes more complex to interpret trends. Also because, as we have said, its value is linked to the international trend of the markets, also in other fields.

Today, the forecast of a stable exceeding of 60 Euro / gram is expected for the second half of 2023. At the beginning of 2022 some had unbalanced on much more important upward trends, which saw gold climb the peaks up to about 80 Euro / gram . This listing should not occur in the short term, but it could still arrive in the medium to long term.

Given the above, it might be worth keeping it for a while longer. In any case, if you go to a Gold Buyer to sell your items, take care to check carat and weight – the latter also handcrafted – to compare the proposed valuation with the one you expect.

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