“He’s dead, donate the organs,” but he moves his feet before the harvest. The hospital stops everything

A man had been declared there “Brain death” from his doctors: But then, he somehow began to show signs of life after he was given videos of his children just minutes before his organs were removed. Ryan Marlow37, suffered from listeriaan infection caused by bacteria, and had spent two weeks in a local hospital in Carolina, USA.

On August 27, his doctors had declared him “clinically dead,” according to the account of Ryan’s wife, Megan. Doctors told her she had illness caused brain swelling and that he had suffered a “neurological death”. Marlow was being kept alive purposely because he was listed as an “organ donor.” Three days later, on August 30, the family headed to the hospital for a final farewell. But when Megan arrived, however, her granddaughter had told her that Ryan’s feet had inexplicably “started to wiggle and feet when videos of her children were shown.” The story is reported by the “Daily Mail Us”.

Megan, who had told her husband’s illness in live streaming on Facebook with thousands of views, had tearfully explained that her “heart could not bear it”. Instead, a follow-up CT scan then showed signs of brain activity and Megan yelled “my husband is not dead.” The doctors had made a mistake. Megan noticed how close he was: “Literally the team was waiting there to pick him up … and I tell the nurse ‘stop everything right now'”. The man now, however, is in critical condition: he is in a coma.

But the woman clarified: “He is not brain dead, my friends. God kept it here. He should be dead, he should be at the funeral home right now. My husband showed encouraging signs, such as a rising heart rate and occasional movements. ‘ Her husband is both a Baptist pastor and a piano technician who owns his own business. Currently, the woman is trying to transfer her husband to a new hospital, but the transfer has been blocked.

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